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Celebrating the Tech Leaders of Northern Virginia

Celebrating the Tech Leaders of Northern Virginia; Carlyle Group Co-Founder Accepts Pinnacle Award On Monday, October 19th, our team at TriVision enjoyed an evening with some of Northern Virginia's most influential and innovative technology executives at TechCelebration, an annual awards banquet hosted by Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC). Regarded as NVTC's biggest event of the year, the evening is always exciting, attended by…
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Presidential Branding

[parallax-scroll id="2387"] After Wednesday night’s GOP debate, it is safe to say this presidential race is going to be interesting, entertaining, and quite confusing. With 16 republican candidates and five democratic candidates in the running, these politicians are really going to have to set themselves apart. What does this have to do with marketing and advertising you…
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Masterful Marketing: Following the Three Vs

Angela Ahrendts took Burberry from an aging British fashion house known for raincoats into a global luxury brand. Elon Musk founded Tesla, an automotive and energy storage company that created the first fully electric sports car. Steve Jobs co-founded Apple, a renowned company that gave the world the iPod, the MacBook, and the iPhone. Ahrendts, Musk,…
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Programmatic Media: Creepy, yet effective.

When talking about trends in advertising it is almost impossible to avoid the topic of Programmatic Marketing. At first I was pretty stumped on what exactly 'Programmatic' even meant. I spent hours online trying to understand programmatic and real-time bidding (RTB) while I was actually being targeting by both all along. That’s right, programmatic marketing got…
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