Our diverse and talented team is passionate about branding, marketing and media production. We are committed to telling your story in the most compelling and meaningful ways possible. Our experts begin with the market research necessary to clearly identify your markets and determine the best ways to reach current and prospective clients. We then create the campaigns that will help your organization thrive and grow. Among the creatives that we produce are videos, graphics, web designs, multi-platform content, and messages.












We turn ideas into the effective, memorable and distinctive brands that drive organizational growth and success. TriVision professionals take great pride in creating multi-faceted marketing campaigns that yield a substantial Return on Investment for our clients. Simply put, we listen, think, and collaborate to ensure that we create true value through exceptional design and program execution. Your success is our mission!




TriVision is a family-owned business, which started in 1992 in the basement of the Lutfi home in Burke, Virginia. With the support and guidance of their father and mother -- successful business owners in their own right -- the four teenagers created created designs and graphics that captured the attention of local schools and businesses. The team produced compelling and highly creative videos, designed and printed T-shirts for sports tournaments, and produced innovative advertising campaigns.

Within a few years, the TriVision team outgrew its space and opened an office in Burke, Virginia’s Professional Office Park. The modern, 2000 sq ft facility quickly became a new creative hub, from which the family began hiring their first formal employees, investing in new equipment, and pioneering new lines of business.

Working night and day, the siblings completed their college degrees at George Mason University and expanded the business. By 1998, the operating required a larger 2-story facility of almost 4,000 sq ft. Within 5 years, the team's growth dictated another expansion -- this time to a custom-built, 12,400 sq ft studio facility in Chantilly, Virginia. New locations in downtown Baltimore, downtown Washington, DC, and the Miami Design District quickly followed as TriVision expanded its footprint to better meet client needs.

In 2006, the team expanded internationally to the country of their birth (Afghanistan), created advertising campaigns for the U.S. and Afghanistan Governments, and built several media centers and studio facilities. TriVision also served the private sector by providing branding and marketing solutions to some of the largest telecommunications and media outlets in Afghanistan.

Currently, TriVision has expansion plans for new locations in Los Angeles and Dubai.

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