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PR & digital media services for National Gallery of Art exhibits.

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In 2012, Japan celebrated the 100th anniversary of its gift of cherry blossom trees to Washington DC by lending the National Gallery of Art an exhibition of a world-renowned cultural treasure titled, Colorful Realm of Living Beings by Ito Jakuchu.

For this once-in-a-lifetime art exhibition, the National Gallery selected  TriVision to provide onsite video production, editing, and media/PR services for their private VIP viewing of the collection. The production team documented various aspects of the cultural event and recorded VIP interviews for educational and media use.

The 30-scroll set of bird-and-flower paintings on silk with three-panel altarpiece was painted in the mid-1700s and put on display at the gallery for the public.  Widely considered to be one of the supreme masterpieces of Japanese painting,  the scrolls of Colorful Realm were meticulously crafted.  The artistry goes beyond the surface – literally. The artist applied paint to the back side of the silk, making the design visible from the front; this gives the paintings a unique glow and sense of inner life. Due to their extreme fragility, the scrolls were exhibited in a low-light setting for a very limited time during the 2012 National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC.  Many consider that exhibition to be the highlight of the centenary festival.

TriVision previously collaborated with the Gallery for The Sacred Made Real: Spanish Paintings and Sculpture, 1600-1700 by providing digital media and PR services for the opening of that exquisite  exhibition.

National Gallery of Art

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