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When the creators of NetRef — an end-to-end network security system for large public and private sector organizations — needed branding for their new product, they approached TriVision for help. We guided the firm’s leaders through a structured discovery process to find a standout name for their new company. Then we began crafting the logo for NetRef. The current design and the lock icon are direct representations of NetRef’s corporate vision and mission.

After completing the logo and design work, we created NetRef’s website. The design is both modern and dynamic, allowing all user easy access to vital information regarding NetRef’s services.  Moving past traditional branding, we created a 2D animation video showcasing NetRef’s capabilities that can be used to visually demonstrate the product’s uses and benefits.

This project was exciting from start to finish, and we were happy to contribute in this meaningful way to the creation of the next generation of Internet educational security technology.


Service:Branding, Naming Services, Website Design, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, Digital Media