Interior Branding for a Fortune 500 Company.

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Symantec is a Fortune 500 company and a global leader in security, storage, and systems management solutions.  Its clients range from consumers and small businesses to large corporations. Symantec’s mission is to eliminate risks to information, technology and processes independent of the device, platform, interaction, or location.

TriVision was first contracted to do the Interior Branding of the Washington, DC office (located in Herndon, Virginia.) Interior Branding is a tool to communicate the essence of the company’s brand identity through the design of the physical environment. This includes both the tangible (such as the interior design and visual aesthetic) and the intangible (such as the ambiance and mood.)

TriVision’s creative team suggested a brand environment intended to express the “corporate DNA” and leave a lasting impression on prospects and current clients.  Equally important, the branding was intended to boost employee productivity and morale — and lead to higher levels of retention and employee satisfaction.

With the help of Symantec’s operations engineers, TriVision’s experts developed a theme and a “story” showcasing the processes used in Symantec’s daily operations. The design layouts were initially rendered as electronic 2D proofs; once these designs were finalized and approved, TriVision manufactured and installed the environmental graphics.

The new interior branding successfully highlighted Symantec’s overall brand image and capabilities without distracting employees.  The executives were impressed with the outcome and TriVision has already begun to expand its interior branding efforts to Symantec’s offices Mountain View, Reading, Chennai, Tokyo, and Sydney. Additionally, we continue to work with the Herndon location as their interior branding and signage partner.


Service: Interior Branding, Visual and Schematic Design, Signage