U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

TriVision’s long-standing and proud partnership with the Department of Veterans.

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The National Cemetery Administration (NCA) honors Veterans and their families with final resting places in national shrines and with lasting tributes that commemorate their service and sacrifice to our nation. NCA currently maintains nearly 3.1 million grave sites at 131 national cemeteries.

NCA has entered into a commitment with Veterans and their families to provide the most dignified burial service and tribute available. Because the scope of NCA operations is so large, their staff developed a detailed series of operational standards and measures to train all caretakers on cemetery maintenance. In support of that effort, SRA International developed a wide variety of tools and created a series of outreach internal training initiatives to train 100,000 NCA caretakers.

When that training needed to be updated, TriVision video professionals worked closely with NCA, SRA International, and ClicFlic to create an effective and compliant training series.

In addition to script consultation and shot list development, TriVision filmed videos on-location at multiple national cemeteries and provided all post-production (editing, voiceover, motion graphics, visual effects, and DVD authoring and mastering) at the Dulles studio facility. Upon completion, the training videos were integrated into a personalized caretaker training package and disseminated by instructors who conducted training sessions around the country.

The nationwide training effort was so successful that the scope of the training program was expanded. In late 2013 and early 2014, the SRA/ClicFlic/TriVision team produced the next series of caretaker videos for the NCA. TriVision again sent crews to Florida National as well as locations in St. Louis and Minneapolis. To date, TriVision has produced a dozen training and safety videos for the NCA.

The team also filmed and edited a 30-minute caretaker orientation video that highlighted experiences from seasoned cemetery directors, foremen, and the Undersecretary. The video garnered critical acclaim for its unique story and recently won a Telly Award for its motivational content.

The nationwide caretaker training program effort was a success; its reviews are very positive. The new training program provides caretakers with a much better understanding of what is required of them as maintainers of the final resting places of our nation’s heroes.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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